in 2016 Search Engine Optimisation is a concept that most business owners know about (or have at least heard of it). Yet many still don’t understand the how and why of SEO. Here’s a list of reasons why you should be investing in SEO and how it will help your business increase leads and sales.

1. More traffic to your website = more sales!

Who doesn’t want more targeted traffic to their website? The whole purpose of having a website is to get people to find you and buy from you, right?! SEO is a proven method to increase traffic to your site through higher rankings in the search engines. ONS statistics show 85.9% of UK Adults (45.9 million) use the Internet and of that nearly 90% of them use Google. That is a huge market to tap into. Just think of that many people seeing your website for the keywords they type in.

2. High Return on Investment

One of the main reasons SEO is such an attractive proposal for business owners is the amount of return they can get from investing in it. SEO executives and SEO freelancers like me use our skills to find opportunities to increase search engine rankings for related keywords. Sometimes these can be very simple changes that increase traffic ten fold. Unlike Adwords you aren’t paying per click, you are paying to improve rankings of keywords related product or service, and these changes are permanent. Any investment you make towards SEO will have long lasting effects and if those changes increase your traffic and sales ten fold. Chances are you’ll be making much more than you’re spending out.

3. 90% of people research online before buyingTop Reasons for SEO in your Business

A survey by Hitachi Consulting showed that 90% of people research online before buying, that’s a vast majority of people who need to be able to find your product or service online before they commit to buy. This is an important number as it shows that all types of business benefit from SEO. Take a local cafe for example, should a potential customer want to find out the best cafe’s on the Wirral they are likely to search online for “Cafes in Wirral”. Those results will show up in order of relevance and Search Engine Optimisation is likely to have had and impact on the results that are showing near the top. If you’re not there, you’re missing out on those potential customers.

4. Your competitors are doing it!

Take a quick search for your products or services now, add your location to that search if you are a local business. Have a look at the top few organic search results (ignore the paid results from Adwords). I can guarantee that those results will have has some level of SEO performed on them to get them where they are. How do I know this? Well, you don’t just think they magically appear do you?! Search Engines rank websites based on their relevance to the search result, they work out the relevance via a series of algorithms. The job of an SEO executive is to make your website more relevant to that particular keyword through a series of on-site and off-site techniques. Without knowledge of how to make your site relevant to search engines, it’s a lot trickier to rank.

5. It just works!

SEO has been around for a long time now and research shows that companies are investing more and more in it as they see the importance of utilising it for their business. The latest data by Borrell Associates suggested that $613 billion would be spent on SEO worldwide, which is nearly triple the amount that was spent it 2008. That’s a huge increase over 8 years and they wouldn’t be spending it if they weren’t getting the returns. Those spending that money see the value and want to use the potential in SEO to increase sales.

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