You have a website and an online presence but are you getting your message across? Writing copy for websites and for blogs can be an art sometimes and often an area businesses struggle to deal with. I can provide quality content for both websites and for blog and articles.

Website Content

Getting visitors to your site to convert into a lead/sale is ultimately what you have set up online to do. It is important to provide visitors with the correct information in the most effective way to keep them interested and wanting to know more. The layout of this content is also very important and getting it right can take time. I will initially do a website appraisal to find out how it is currently performing and look for opportunities. Using analytics I can then track conversions and the visitor path in order to see where improvements can be made.


Content on your site and off-site is great not only for SEO but also for getting your message across and increasing engagement with your brand. Writing for web needs to be engaging for readers to comment or share. I can create high quality articles and blogs by researching your industry and find opportunities to talk about trending topics that will engage readers.

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