Paid advertising can be a useful tool to increase web presence instantly. I often recommend running an Adwords or Facebook Marketing campaign alongside an SEO campaign not only to see instant results but also to compliment any work done for organic search, after all the more you appear in the results the more likely you are to receive traffic. I am Adwords qualified, you can view my certificate here.

adwords qualified

Keyword Research

It is important to find out what keywords an be targeted. Some keywords can be very competitive and also very expensive so at this point I will find out what kind of budget you have to work with and can then work out what keywords can be targeted.

Ad Content

This is an important phase of the setup for PPC as the content of the ad is how you will generate clicks and ultimately sales. This phase can often require split testing to see which ads perform better and if certain formats are more effective.


Each month I will generate reports to keep you updated on how well your campaign is performing. Not only will this give you details on how effectively your money is being spent but it also allows me to see where improvements can be made if any.



An effective way of increasing conversions on your website is to create a remarketing campaign. This will target users that have visited your website previously who may need a little more encouragement to make a purchase. You could for example set up a remarketing campaign that offers a discount or incentive for previous visitors to make a sale.

Remarketing can be used on different platforms but is primarily used on Adwords Display Network and Facebook sites.