Search Engine Optimisation is my speciality. It is a proven method of increasing website exposure on the search engine for chosen keywords. I always perform “white hat” ethical methods for my SEO and have seen some great results for clients over the years I have been doing it.

SEO Site Audit

An initial appraisal of how your website is performing gives me a good understanding of any issues and opportunities with any SEO improvements that can be made. I will look into the on-site and links towards your website and how healthy it is in general.

Keyword Research

Once the SEO site audit has been completed it is now time to find some keywords and key phrases that provide you with opportunities to improve ranking. The research will look into what keywords and phrases people are using to find your products/services and the volumes and competition for them. The overall aim here is to find short and long term traffic increases through increased rankings.

On-Page SEO

Once keywords have been chosen and we are aware of the aims for the website, I can begin to implement any changes outlined in the SEO site audit with those keywords and phrases in mind. Content is an important factor when improving on-site SEO and making the most out of the website is the best place to start to improve rankings. On going content creation is also important to provide fresh content for the search engines to crawl and maintain relevance.

Link Building

Gaining quality links to your website is an indicator to the search engines that your content is relevant. The process involves finding opportunities to get your site linked to by quality websites. There are several methods used here but content creation can be effective in order to provide value.


Keeping track of how well your site is performing is a very important part of the SEO process. Not only does this track how much traffic you are gaining from particular keywords, it also tells you information about how visitors are interacting with your website and how it affects conversions.