Social Media has become a popular platform to get your company’s message across and also to attract visitors and sales. Social Media Marketing takes on many forms and there are lots of platforms to use, which platforms are used depends on the industry and type of customers you are targeting.

I want to Increase followers!

A lot of clients ask me about how to do this. My first response is “what do you need followers for?” It is surprising how many haven’t actually thought about why they might need followers. It’s important to remember that sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes are all marketing platforms, essentially another sales channel. However it’s not just a case of throwing a tweet out there and hoping people click on your link.


This is a word I use to often remind people about what social media is. Putting an ad in a newspaper or on a web page is simply a broadcast method and you don’t often expect someone to answer back to a web banner unless to buy. Social Media is different in that you are expected to communicate with existing/potential customers/clients and is more of a branding exercise than anything else.

There are many methods in order to get the best out of social media and the best approach depends on the client. However the overriding aim is to become an engaging company and an influencer within your industry.


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